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Schwalbe RightRun K-Guard HS 387, Each


The Schwalbe RightRun K-Guard HS 387 Wheelchair Tire offers effective puncture protection layer, hand-friendly 2Grip side walls, and attractive two color compound. Robust Black’n Roll tread center compound that is non-marking neatly completes the feature list..

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  • K-Guard


  • Black n’ Roll

Tech Features:

  • Black n’ Roll: A special compound that does not leave unsightly marks on indoor floors. Additionally it is far more robust and much longer lasting.
  • Level 3 K-Guard: Our minimum standard for protection belts. This Guard has been proven for many years. It consists of natural rubber and is reinforced with KEVLAR® fibers. Together with the 50 EPI carcass all Active Line tires are well protected against punctures. KEVLAR® is a trademark of DuPont.
  • Active Line: The basis for all Active Line tires is the high quality 50 EPI casing material. Schwalbe no longer produces tires with a coarse 20 or 24 EPI casing material. In addition, K-Guard provides effective puncture protection for Active Line tires.

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25×7/8 (23-559) Grey Stripes With Thicker Sidewall, 20×1 (25-451) Grey Stripes, 22×1 (25-489) Black, 22×1 (25-489) Grey Stripes, 22×1 (25-501) Grey Stripes, 24×1 (25-540) Black, 24×1 (25-540) Blue Stripes, 24×1 (25-540) Grey Stripes, 24×1 (25-540) Red Stripes, 25×7/8 (23-559) Grey Stripes, 26×1 (25-590) Black, 26×1 (25-590) Grey Stripes, 26×7/8 Lite (28-559) Black, 24×1 Lite (28-540) Black


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