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BOX WHEELCHAIRS Philosophy… revolves around thinking outside the Box!

Wheelchairs are not about status, but soul… Not about image or popularity, but about lifestyle and the desire to push the limits of your passions!

Success is defined with team work, love, and LISTENING to a person’s concerns and challenges, before overcoming them.

Mike Box is the mind behind the magic at BOX Wheelchairs. Mike began building wheelchairs after his brother was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident at the age of 17. When his brother couldn’t get cooperation from the manufacturer of his tennis wheelchair regarding adjustments, they decided to do it themselves. In 1992 after being in the aerospace industry, he left his job and they formed their own wheelchair company.

Mike designed and built the chairs for that company until 2010 after the company had been sold. At that point the industry was going in a direction that was not in Mike’s heart. His philosophy is and always has been helping others and for him, there is no better way to make a comfortable, durable wheelchair that fits the individual,  than one you build from scratch! At Box Wheelchairs, ALL chairs are custom made to order and fitted with only the best parts and components on the market today.



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