Recoil Suspension Forks, Pair


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Specifically designed for users who push their wheelchairs to the max, the Recoil is avaible in several different spring weights, so that you can custom tailor the ride to your specific wants and needs! Weather a WCMX shredder, a Dirt Trail nut or a World Travler, it you’re looking to take your chair’s performance to the next level, then your search is over.


After years of rider feedback and development, Box Wheelchair’s launches the Recoils, the worlds first fully adjustable wheelchair suspension fork! Based on the same advanced suspension technology you would find on a formula 1 car. The design utilizes a cantilever pull-spring system, that provides superior shock absorption and impact resistance over any other fork on the market.

1 review for Recoil Suspension Forks, Pair

  1. tonytorres

    Top notch wheels.

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