Steel Axle – 5/8″, Pair


The last thing you want in a game is a bent axle! Our 5/8″ thick axles give you the peace of mind you need to stay focused on the game. These are primarily used in wheelchair basketball and quad rugby, but can benefit any player that is concerned about bending axles. Our line of “R10″ wheels are built with the complementary 5/8” bearings.

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These 5/8″ axles are tough! If you bend 1/2″ axles and have a chair or plan on getting a wheelchair that can accommodate 5/8″ axles, these are your secret weapon. Hold one in your hand, and you’ll immediately know these are the solution!

100% stainless steel and four release balls make these the king of all axles. The four release balls give you four points of contact against the rear of the axle receiver, keeping them in position guaranteed. The nylock nut allows you to dial in the grip strength for zero play performance.


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