Box “Daily” & “Daily Suspension” Series


The BOX “Daily” & BOX “Daily Suspension” Chairs are ultra lightweight, simple in design and supply ultimate levels of fit and comfort. The all-new BOX Everyday Suspension Chair features a unique custom suspension and swing arm design with adjustable center of gravity. Elegant frame curves make getting in and out of your vehicle a breeze compared to other suspension chairs. The BOX Everyday Suspension Chair weighs in at just 23lbs fully assembled (with wheels). If you’re looking for the next level of comfort, style and functionality… your search is over! Each wheelchair is custom fit to the user and their needs… Not designed on an assembly line!

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Standard Features Include:

  •  A custom BOX frame, custom tailored to the user
  • Spinergy’s new X-Lace wheels, in your choice of sizes (Available in 9 different colors)
  • Standard Upholstery
  • Frogleg Softroll Front Castor Wheels
  • Recoil Suspension Forks (Daily Suspension)
  • Schwable Tires
  • Your Choice of 26 Different Powder coated Colors… Available in Solid, Metallic, Matte and even Polished finishes.
  • All Box Wheelchairs come with a industry leading 10 year warranty on welded frames (500Lbs limit)


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