Titanium Axle – 1/2″, Pair


Our Spinergy axles are designed for performance and style.  The stylish push button proudly features a laser etched Spinergy “S” logo. Our Titanium axles feature a titanium shaft which make them noticeably lighter than steel axles. These axles look great, are super lightweight and perform superbly.

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Our ½” titanium axles scream quality! They are super lightweight, look great and offer excellent performance and reliability. The shaft is titanium, while the inner spindle/springs/balls are stainless steel for superb resistance against rust. The nylock nut is adjustable so you can dial in the grip length for zero slop.

Spinergy titanium axles are CNC machined to exacting tolerances, and assembled with great care. Because the shaft is titanium and the internal parts are 100% steel, you don’t have to worry about corrosion and decline in performance. The adjustable nylock nut delivers grip length adjustability to elimnate any lateral slop when mounted to the wheelchair.


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