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I was fortunate to have taken an interview a while back when I was still living in Florida with Tomas Woods from across the pond in London. Tomas is not just a WCMX athlete, but he also runs a podcast and is a grand ambassador for actions sports in his community. The podcast essentially talks about the action sports industry and where it’s heading.

In the interview, we discussed Actions Sports, wheelchair innovation, various other topics revolving around WCMX and Adaptive Skate.

I was able to share why action sports are so important to me and what drives me to continue to help others fulfill more of their potential. We discussed how working with the little ones keeps me pushing to do better and how seeing them progress has been a real privilege in my life.

It truly amazes me how far the sport has come and how many people from around the globe work to spread that love, passion, and knowledge to others.

Listen to the interview and pass it on. Follow Tomas to connect and see what’s happening over in London.

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